Low Cost Lung Cancer Treatments in India

There are almost 10 million Kenyan citizens who are non-smokers but are at high risk of developing lung cancer because of inhaling second-hand smoke. Exposure to secondhand smoke generally occurs in bars and nightclubs and which according to the national global adult tobacco survey affects 3.1 million Kenyans. Additionally, 3 million Kenyan citizens are exposed to secondhand smoke at home and just about another 2.1 million in restaurants. 700,000 other Kenyans are said to be exposed to secondhand smoke at their work places and half a million at universities.


Treatment Options Available to Lung Cancer Patients

While surgery is the primary treatment option for early-stage lung cancer, others include chemotherapy, stereotactic radiosurgery and laser therapy. These are the most common types of lung cancer treatments.

  • Surgery for Lung Cancer Also known as thoracotomy, lung cancer surgery is a procedure where surgeons open up the chest cavity in order to gain access to lungs. For this purpose, an incision is made and the ribs are spread apart for removing the cancerous tumor from lungs. The four most common types of lung cancer surgeries include wedge resection and segmentectomy, lobectomy, pneumonectomy and video assisted thoracic surgery. Also known as thoracoscopy, video assisted thoracic surgery is also used for biopsy of lung tissue and for confirming lung cancer diagnosis.
  • Chemotherapy for Lung Cancer Chemotherapy as treatment of lung cancer is utilized in three primary ways. These are neo-adjuvant or primary systemic lung cancer chemotherapy, adjuvant chemotherapy and systemic chemotherapy. The cancer care team will however continuously monitor impact of chemotherapy on lung cancer throughout the treatment along with chest x-rays, CT scans, blood tests and physical examination.
  • Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Lung Cancer – Stereotactic radiosurgery for lung cancer generally includes CyberKnife robotic radiosurgery system which is a nonsurgical procedure. CyberKnife radiosurgery is highly precise type of radiation therapy which is nowadays used for treating many types of cancers, including brain, prostate and lung cancer.
  • Laser Therapy for Lung Cancer LASER therapy treatments generally stand for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It involves utilizing concentrated laser light as a powerful and precise tool for operation. Lasers can typically be used for removing very small cancers which are less than the width of the finest thread without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue. Laser therapy for lung cancer is one of the newest options available to lung cancer patients.


Best Lung Cancer Treatments in India are Reasonably Priced

Lung cancer treatment in India is at par with the best available in developed Western countries. Oncologists in India are globally renowned doctors and many of them have in fact trained and experienced for decades in countries like UK, Canada and United States before returning to practice in their homeland. They are experts at performing the most complex operations and have successfully delivered positive outcomes in the past. Along with this, lung cancer treatment in India is reasonably priced and is in fact just a fraction of the price you may end up paying in other countries across the world. Overseas lung cancer patients can invariably save substantial amounts of their hard earned money by undergoing lung cancer treatment in India

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Advanced Quality Radiation Therapy as Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer has become one of the leading reasons for occurrence of death among Nigerian patients. Medical experts at World Health Organization (WHO) have stated that nearly 50,000 men die every year due to this dreadful disease. In most cases, patients fail to diagnose the exact underlying condition due to poor medical facilities in Nigeria. To be honest, Nigerian hospitals do not even have basic health care provisions which is clearly evident from such death incidents. Medical tourism from Nigeria to nations like India may help prostate cancer patients to avail best quality treatments at reasonable prices.


Advanced Radiation Therapy Techniques for Treating Prostate Cancer Effectively

Radiation therapy for prostate cancer involves use of high-intensity and powerful radiation to stop the production of cancerous cells and tissues in prostate gland of patients.

  • Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) is a new feather in the cap of radiation therapy treatments. This state-of-art-therapy can efficiently treat cancerous cells in prostate that are difficult to treat by using other treatments or surgeries. IMRT involves use of certain softwares that can help in planning precise dose of radiation according to dimension of cancerous tumor inside patient’s prostate gland in advance. These softwares create three dimensional (3D) images of cancerous tumors and determine its severity. During intensity modulated radiation therapy, respective patients are exposed to high-end device called as ‘linear accelerator’. This medical instrument specifically delivers the exact amount of radiation which is pre-calculated by surgeons. The sharp beam of radiations are focused on cancerous tumor that helps in destroying their production in prostate gland. Patients may need to undergo such sessions multiple times for ensuring best results.
  • Stereotactic Body Radiation TherapyStereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) destroys unwanted prostate cancer tumor with millimeter precision. Stereotactic body radiation therapy uses highly advanced imaging procedures to maintain accuracy throughout the radiation session. Thus, this procedure can significantly reduce the chances of damaging healthy cells nearby the cancerous tumor. Before SBRT, doctors place markers around the cancerous area that needs to be treated. SBRT has a high-end coordinate system that constantly tracks the position of markers. During SBRT, doctors target radiation particularly on customized mapped regions in order to ensure best results. Patients struggling with advanced prostate cancer may require to undergo SBRT for several times.


Best Prostate Cancer Treatment in India at Highly Affordable Costs

Indian country has gained great popularity amongst international patients, especially from Nigeria due to availability of latest healthcare interventions, state-of-the-art technology, and advanced treatments for prostate cancer. This country has a vast pool of multispecialty healthcare centers that offer best prostate cancer treatments and surgeries for at economical prices. Cancer specialists in India are immensely skilled and talented. Their dedication towards cancer patients is reflected in their success records. In addition to this, cost of prostate cancer treatment in India is half of the total money which super-speciality hospitals in Nigeria may charge. Therefore, Nigerian patients can completely count on prostate cancer treatment in India and ensure positive outcomes.

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Low Cost of Brain Tumor Surgery in India for Nigerian Nationals

Leave alone the quality of cancer care, cost of cancer treatments in Nigeria are frankly beyond the reach of a common man. It is only palliative care which is accesible for rich cancer patients in the country and the poor literally have no hope for survival. Everything about cancer care, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and other types of treatments are extremely expensive in Nigeria. Adding to these woes, more than 2 million Nigerians are supposed to be suffering from some type of invasive cancer. Cancer is the number one cause of deaths in Nigeria. Healthcare system in Nigeria has no comprehensive cancer care center, hence most Nigerians who can afford to go abroad for good quality of affordable treatments, travel to India to undergo cancer treatments.

 Low Cost of Brain Tumor Surgery in India for Nigerian Nationals

What are Brain Tumors?

Brain tumors are defined as a collection of abnormal cells which develop within the brain. Since the skull holding the brain is a rigid structure, any growth within this restricted space increases pressure and causes problems. While brain tumors can be both cancerous and noncancerous, they can cause brain damage and be life-threatening as well. Primary brain tumors are tumors which originate in the brain and secondary brain tumors are masses of cancerous cells which have spread to the brain from some other part of the body through the bloodstream. There are various types of brain tumors affecting people, including gliomas and meningiomas. Other types of primary brain tumors include pituitary tumors, pineal gland tumors, ependymomas, craniopharyngiomas, schwannomas and germ cell tumors of the brain.


Pituitary Tumor Surgery Treatment Options

Pituitary tumors are common types of brain tumors affecting people. Pituitary tumor surgery is the most common type of treatment option. Moreover, pituitary tumor surgery may be the only treatment required by a brain tumor patient in case the mass is noncancerous and located in the part of the brain from where it can be completely and safely be removed. Most common types of surgical approaches employed for pituitary tumor surgery include craniotomy, neuroendoscopic surgery and endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery. Of these endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery is the latest and most advanced ideal treatment procedure since the pituitary gland is located just behind the nasal sinuses. Minimally invasive endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery in fact is the best treatment option for removing all types of benign pituitary tumors.


Low Cost of Brain Tumor Surgery in India

Low cost of brain tumor surgery in India is an excellent option for Nigerian nationals seeking good quality of affordable neurosurgery in foreign countries. While neurosurgeries in countries around the world are very expensive, low cost of brain tumor surgery in India provide relief to patients who are as such bearing the burden of this dreaded disease. Doctors performing neurosurgery in India are adept at performing the most complex operations. Apart from receiving high quality of treatments, people from Nigeria can in fact save substantial amounts of their hard earned money by undergoing low cost brain tumor surgery in India.

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Best Robotic Heart Surgery in India is Highly Affordable

Prevalence of coronary artery disease in Egypt is most common type of heart disease. Habits like smoking and unhealthy lifestyle which is largely prevalent in the community is one of the primary causes of heart disease in this African country. Diabetes, high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol and obesity which is common in the health of the population has dramatically enhanced the number of people suffering from heart diseases in the country. According to figures put out by the World Health Organization, heart disease at 45 percent is the leading cause of death among Egyptian people.

 Best Robotic Heart Surgery in India is Highly Affordable

What is Robotic Heart Surgery?

Robotic heart surgery is a cardiac procedure which is performed through tiny keyhole incisions made in the patient’s chest. Cardiac surgeons performing robotic heart surgery sit behind a console close to the operation table and manipulate robot-controlled tools for performing operations. Robotic heart surgery is nowadays used for a number of different cardiac procedures including mitral valve repair, tricuspid valve repair, ablation of atrial fibrillation, ASD closure surgery and tumor removal.


Most Common Types of Robotic Heart Surgeries

Some of the most common types of robotic heart surgery operations performed nowadays are enumerated below.

  • Mitral Valve Repair This is one of the best treatment options for repairing defective mitral valves. Mitral valve repair is a better treatment option than mitral valve replacement for patients with mitral valve stenosis. In comparison with valve replacement, mitral valve repair provides better preservation of heart function, better long-term survival and lower risk of complications along with avoiding the use of anticoagulants after surgery.
  • Tricuspid Valve Repair Tricuspid valve in some patients does not function properly due to tricuspid stenosis. Robotic tricuspid valve repair surgery can effectively rectify the defect and make it function correctly. Tricuspid valve is made up of three leaflets. Function of this valve is to control the direction and flow of blood within the heart.
  • Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation This is a cardiac procedure which is useful for treating irregular heart rhythms. Ablation of atrial fibrillation works by destroying heart tissue which is causing arrhythmias. Ablation of atrial fibrillation is commonly performed robotically nowadays when medications and other interventions have failed to relieve symptoms. AV node ablation, maze procedure and catheter ablation are the three types of ablation of atrial fibrillation performed for arrhythmia patients.
  • ASD Closure Surgery Commonly performed for kids with hole in the heart, robotically assisted ASD closure surgery is a minimally invasive surgery. ASD closure surgery is performed through small incisions which are made on the right side of the chest. Tissue patches are normally used in ASD closure surgery for sealing the defect in walls of the heart.


Undergo Low Cost Robotic Heart Surgery in India

Robotic heart surgery in India is of international standards and is performed by highly acclaimed cardiac surgeons. Many cardiac surgeons performing robotic heart surgery in India have earlier for decades trained and experienced in developed Western countries before returning to their homeland. They are adept in performing cardiac surgeries and have delivered numerous successful outcomes in the past. Apart from this, cost of robotic heart surgery in India is just a fraction of what it costs in other healthcare destinations around the world. Overseas patients seeking cardiac treatments can thereby save almost 70 percent of the costs in comparison by undergoing robotic heart surgery in India.

Undergo Affordable Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery in India for Epilepsy

Early diagnosis along with early treatments can help in effectively managing occurrence of seizures without any complications. Tension, stress and anxiety are also found to contribute to episodes of seizures since psychological factors and emotional burden negatively affects epileptic patients. Moreover, excessive exposure to sun is also harmful in many cases. Epileptic patients in Egypt are about 0.5 percent of the population and which is far below the global average of one percent. Genetic factor predetermining epilepsy is only found among 5 percent of the epileptic cases in Egypt. Other brain conditions like strokes, tumors, infectious diseases like meningitis and viral encephalitis are also found to cause epilepsy among Egyptians.

Undergo Affordable Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery in India for Epilepsy

Epilepsy Surgery is the Last Treatment Resort

There are many ways of treating epilepsy. As long as medications are found to work for a patient, epilepsy surgery is usually not considered. Deep brain stimulation therapy has proved to be a successful epilepsy surgery and which aims to reduce episodes of seizures which cannot be controlled with medication. Deep brain stimulation is an ideal type of epilepsy surgery especially for patients for whom it is not possible to access areas of brain with other types of epilepsy surgeries that are causing seizures. This procedure however involves implanting electrodes in specifically identified areas of the brain in order to control seizures.


Deep Brain Stimulation for Controlling Seizures

Aimed at reducing frequency and severity of seizures, deep brain stimulation works by stimulating areas of the epilepsy patient’s brain, with help of small but regular electrical impulses. Deep brain stimulation is a new type of epilepsy surgery which has shown immense hope to people whose episodes of seizures have failed to benefit from other types of epilepsy treatments. This type of difficult-to-treat epilepsy causes serious distress and disability to the person and for some there is immense risk of dying during episodes as well. Apart from electrodes which are implanted in the patient’s brain, deep brain stimulation setup has a battery-powered device known as neurostimulator which sends electrical impulses to the patient’s brain when required. Anterior nucleus of the thalamus is the most common area of the brain where deep brain stimulation electrodes are implanted and which is normally involved for causing seizures.


Undergo Affordable Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery in India

Neurosurgery in India is performed by some of the best globally reputed neurosurgeons who are adept at performing the most complex operations on the human brain. Apart from the high quality of deep brain stimulation surgery which overseas patients can expect, neurosurgery cost in India is just about 30 percent of what international patients may end up spending in the developed Western countries for undergoing similar treatments. In fact, after having to spend for travel, accommodation and treatments, neurosurgery cost in India is so competitive that patients from African continent will still be able to save substantial amounts of their hard earned money. While deep brain stimulation is pretty expensive in other parts of the world, neurosurgery cost in India is an important factor which is drawing a growing number of patients every year.

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Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery in India is Reasonably Priced

Ratio of Kenyan patients dying from cardiovascular or heart diseases every year has increased considerably over past few years. In fact, ‘World Health Organization’ (WHO) has stated that heart diseases have become the top-most cause of health degeneration in this country. Main reason behind development of heart diseases among Kenyans is poor eating habits, obesity and an inactive lifestyle. Unavailability of fully furnished hospitals and well-qualified cardiac surgeons also play a key role in increasing number of deaths in Kenya. Healthcare experts have further warned that this ratio may increase in upcoming years if people in Kenya will not take proper measures and adopt a healthy way of living.

Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery in India is Reasonably Priced

Minimally Invasive Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery

Minimally invasive coronary artery bypass graft or CABG surgery is an effective method for treating severe heart diseases such as coronary artery disease and angina. Doctors usually recommend this surgery when medications fail to improve patient’s health status. Patients who smoke may need to quit their habit for attaining good outcomes following their minimally invasive CABG surgery. In addition to this, respective cardiologists may prescribe some medicines to them for improving their general condition prior to their minimally CABG surgery. Minimally invasive CABG surgery will involve the following steps.

  • Anesthesia – A medical team of experts will give general anesthesia to patients in order to make them asleep for reducing discomfort. They may also provide them some medicines that will help in maintaining desired heartbeat rate during the operation.
  • Making Incisions – At first, doctors will make 3 to 5 inches of incision around left region of patient’s chest. It will help them in reaching to their heart.
  • Healthy Artery – Once incisions are made, doctors will remove a small portion of patient’s rib from the front end in order to access the blocked trouble-causing artery. They will take another healthy artery, which is most often referred to as ‘internal mammary artery’ and attach it with the blocked artery. It will help in increasing the flow of restricted blood from patient’s heart.
  • Attaching Artery and Closing the Incisions – They will carefully connect the new artery with the blocked one with the help of medical sutures and close the incisions.
  • Recovery – Risks associated with this CABG surgery are extremely less. Patients will need to follow doctor’s instructions for fast and smooth recovery.


Avail Minimally Invasive Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery in India

India is a renowned heart or cardiac care destination across the world. Availability of multi-specialty hospitals that are equipped with best medical devices and cost-effective treatments have made India the most sorted medical tourism destination. Heart surgery cost in India is very economical as compared to Kenya. To be honest, heart surgery cost in India is nearly half of the prices that are charged by Kenyan hospitals. Even if heart surgery cost in India is less, hospitals in this country do not compromise with its quality. Cardiac surgeons follow international protocols for any kind of heart surgery including minimally invasive coronary artery bypass graft surgery in India. Therefore, Kenyan patients can rely on minimally invasive coronary artery bypass graft surgery in India and ensure positive outcomes.

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Avail the Best Craniotomy Surgery in India at Affordable Costs

According to a recent study of Global Burden of Disease, number of neurosurgery patients from Nigeria has increased steadily over past few years. Occurrence of neurological diseases such as brain tumors due to poor life choices among Nigerians is mainly responsible for giving rise to these conditions. To be honest, healthcare system of Nigeria doesn’t even have basic medical facilities. As a result, large number of patients are falling victim to death. Craniotomy surgery is a good alternative for treating brain tumors. Neurosurgery patients from Nigeria may opt for medical tourism for availing best and low cost craniotomy surgery in a smooth manner.

Avail the Best Craniotomy Surgery in India at Affordable Costs

How Can Craniotomy Surgery Help Brain Tumor Patients?

Craniotomy is a medical procedure which involves removal of small part of patient’s skull in order to remove underlying brain tumors. Respective neurosurgeons use sophisticated medical tools and devices such as endoscope or three-dimensional imaging techniques to help relieve the patients to a greater extent. Doctors may recommend some health evaluation tests prior to performing craniotomy. These tests help them in locating the exact position of brain tumors. This neurosurgery is mostly performed under general anesthesia which indicates that patients remain asleep until the operation is completed. Doctors carefully make incisions in patient’s skull region for reaching their brain. They carefully remove the trouble-causing brain tumor and close the incisions at the end. Recovery time mainly depends on the size of tumor, type of approach which is used for performing craniotomy, and overall health of patients. In some cases, craniotomy surgery can also be performed for brain aneurysm problem, arteriovenous malformation (AVM), epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease.

Why Should Neurosurgery Patients from Nigeria Undergo Brain Tumor Treatment in India?

India is one of the most reputed and well-resourced healthcare destinations across the world. Majority of multispecialty hospitals in India offer vast pool of brain tumor treatments at highly economical prices. In addition to this, neurosurgeons in India are well-qualified, immensely talented, and experienced. They are skilled in handling complicated cases and providing best results following including craniotomy surgery. Low cost craniotomy surgery does not mean poor quality of treatment. Indian hospitals follow international protocols for ensuring patient’s safety. Therefore, Nigerian patients seeking top-class as well as low cost craniotomy surgery or any other type of brain tumor treatment in India should contact a renowned medical tourism provider at the earliest.