Best Surgical Options for Lip Augmentation Cosmetic Treatment

While thin lips are a cause of concern for many women, full and sensual lips are normally considered ideal. Lip augmentation is an ideal cosmetic surgery option which use dermal fillers or lip implants for plumping thin lips and enhancing profile of the entire face. Lip augmentation effectively increases lip volume and fills age related creasing along the borders of lips. Moreover, recovery time following lip augmentation cosmetic surgery is typically short and therefore considered as an ideal treatment for making a face visually appealing. Women, who are considering themselves as good candidates for lip augmentation should evaluate the risks and benefits of this cosmetic surgery before undergoing treatment.

Good Candidates for Lip Augmentation Cosmetic Surgery

Both, adult men and women of any age are good candidates for lip augmentation cosmetic surgery. Individuals with naturally thin lips desiring increase in lip volume can typically derive exceptionally good results from lip augmentation surgery. However, people wanting to undergo this cosmetic procedure should be in overall good health and have reasonable expectations from this treatment. Most plastic surgeons show before and after images to patients in order to display results of the procedure the person is seeking to undergo.

Lip Augmentation Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

There are several methods through which a person can seek lip enhancement. Treatment options offered by plastic surgeons normally depend upon the aesthetic goals and recovery time which is expected by the patient. In some cases, it may be appropriate to undergo two or more of the following procedures for the patient in order to realize the right look which is expected by them.
● Fat Transfer Injections – Fat for this procedure can be extracted from other parts of the patient’s body through liposuction and subsequently injected into the lips. However, the procedure may be repeated until the time the patient gets the desired result.
● Dermal Filler Injections – These are normally made from natural or synthetic biocompatible substances which act as substitute for fat in order to enhance the shape and size of lips. While results may be temporary and require repeating, one treatment session is usually sufficient in order to obtain the desired results.
● Dermal Graft Surgery – This is a permanent lip augmentation procedure which is surgically accomplished by advancing the lip forwards with help of incisions which are placed inside mouth. In order to add plumpness to lips, fat graft which is obtained from deeper layers of skin are positioned under the lining of the lip.
● Vermillion Advancement Surgery – This cosmetic surgery involves an incision placed along the border of the colored portion of lips. Vermillion advancement lip surgery removes a strip of skin out of the border while pulling the colored portion in order to increase area of the lips.
● Lip Implant Surgery – Several natural or synthetic lip implant options are available to choose from and which can be inserted through tiny incisions which are made at the corners of the mouth. Patients can discuss the choice of the best implant option with the plastic surgeon.
● Lip Lift Surgery – This cosmetic surgery will effectively help patients having loose skin or a downward sloping mouth. Lip lift surgery will effectively shorten skin under nose in order to pull up lips. Extremely small sutures are used during this cosmetic procedure and which are removed after 4 – 5 days of time.

Cosmetic Surgery in India is Reasonably Priced

Cosmetic surgery in India is an excellent option for international patients seeking good quality of aesthetic plastic procedures at affordable costs. Healthcare including cosmetic surgery in developed countries is a cause of concern for the common man because they are exorbitantly taxed. This is the prime reason as to why more and more people are seeking affordable healthcare options beyond their homeland. Cosmetic surgery cost in India is a pleasant surprise for the overseas patient as it is just a fraction of what it costs in developed countries like Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States, while the quality of procedures is at par with the best in the world.


Best and Effective Treatment Options for Managing Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a health condition which gives rise to hearing problems such as undesired buzzing, humming or ringing sound in ears. Main fact is such sounds do not come from an external environment, they emerge within the ears due to some underlying problem. In some instances, it may adversely impact patient’s hearing ability and cause serious uneasiness. Patients struggling with tinnitus may find it difficult to concentrate and they may encounter depression over a period of time. Therefore, patients should not take such condition lightly and visit an experienced ENT specialist at the earliest for an appropriate solution.

Effective Treatment Options for Tinnitus

Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment which can help treat tinnitus within a short time. However, there are certain treatments which can help patients manage tinnitus and bring significant changes gradually.
● Treating Hearing Loss – Hearing loss can worsen the condition of tinnitus. Therefore, treating hearing loss is extremely crucial for obtaining best outcomes. Patients may take help of hearing aids to resolve the underlying issue.
● Sound Therapy and Tinnitus Retraining Program – Sound therapy and tinnitus retraining program involves teaching the patients to concentrate on other external sounds rather than the sound generated from tinnitus. This way, they can work efficiently and carry out daily routine tasks easily. Patients can visit well-trained medical practitioners to learn these therapies.
● Counseling – Patients may get depressed due to tinnitus and develop anxiety in long run. In such instances, patients need a strong emotional support to deal with complications of tinnitus. A psychologist can considerably help them during this phase by listening and addressing their concerns. They may refer them to audiologists for an apt solution.
● Relaxation Techniques – The best way to deal with tinnitus is to stay calm and positive. Patients who are facing mental issues due to tinnitus should get involved in activities which keep them in a good state of mind. They may practice relaxation techniques such as yoga and deep breathing to manage tinnitus in a better way.

Why Should You Avail ENT Treatments in India?

India has been touted as the best healthcare destination for ENT treatments due to availability of highly experienced ENT specialists and medical centers that are renowned for delivering successful results. Patients who are struggling with ENT issues like tinnitus can heavily rely on this country as success record of ENT treatment in India is quite high. In addition to this, overseas patients do not need to worry about communication problem as majority of medical professionals in India speak fluent English. The biggest advantage of undergoing ENT treatments in India is the cost-effectiveness of treatments. ENT treatment cost in India is very reasonable which a common man can afford easily. All these benefits make India an ideal destination for availing ENT treatments.

Peer Support is Important for Cancer Patients

Cancer is touted as the most life-threatening disease as mortality rate of patients dying from cancer has increased steadily over past few years. It is not easy for a patient to deal with cancer because this disease weakens entire body and may cause unbearable pain. This indicates that cancer not only affects physical status of patients but also affects their mental condition. Medical experts state that peer support can deliberately help patients to cope with the mental depression and physical pain.

Importance of Peer Support for Cancer Patients

Peer support basically refers to an overall care which a patient needs during their journey including emotional and physical aspect. It can strengthen their mind and help them stay positive. To be precise, peer support includes the following factors.

  • Guidance from Cancer Survivors – A patient struggling with cancer can learn a lot from experiences of cancer survivors. They can ask their concerns to them in terms of managing daily life and emotions during cancer treatment. Patients who have defeated cancer can guide them thoroughly on the basis of their journey. It can give a ray of hope to patients who have reached an advanced stage of cancer.
  • Sharing Emotional Experiences – Peer support program gives a chance to patients to express themselves. They may be feeling burdened due to occurrence of cancer. Talking to fellow cancer patients as well as cancer survivors can boost their self-esteem and bring a positive change in their attitude towards life.
  • Overcoming Anxiety and Depression – It is a proven fact that mind power works effectively as medicines in treating ailments. Patients are likely to experience issues like anxiety and depression due to a major change in life. Peer support can help them provide a mental peace which eventually can lead to improvement in current health status.

Cancer Treatment in India

Merits of Availing Cancer Treatment in India

India has emerged as one of the best healthcare destinations across the world. This country has a large network of super specialty hospitals which offer finest cancer treatments. All prime hospitals are well-equipped with latest provisions such as state-of-the-art technology and high-end diagnostic instruments. Indian oncologists and medical staff are renowned for providing a compassionate care to international patients who travel to India for affordable and high-quality medical solutions for cancer. As a matter of fact, cancer treatment cost in Indiais highly economical which anyone can afford easily. Therefore, overseas patients can count on such staunch services and avail cancer treatment in India.


Common Types of Artificial Spinal Discs

A healthy spine comprises of a number of spinal discs piled one above the other. These discs protect spinal cord by absorbing shock and helps in maintaining its flexibility. Weakening or degeneration of spinal discs may lead to debilitating back pain. According to reports of Global Burden of Disease, back pain has become the prime cause of disability across the world. Medical professionals state that sedentary way of living is one of the dominant factors accountable for it. Untreated back problem can negatively impact a person’s overall quality of life. Therefore, people struggling with back pain from a prolonged period must seek a spine treatment at the earliest possible moment to minimize complications.   

Types of Artificial Spinal Discs

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Mommy Makeover Cosmetic Surgery: Secret of Perfect Body Post-Pregnancy

The goal of all types of cosmetic surgery is to improve an individual’s appearance & self-esteem by altering the way they look. Moreover, cosmetic surgery procedures can be performed on any part of the body or face to improve facial features. Cosmetic procedures generally include all types of surgical & nonsurgical treatments which are meant to enhance & reshape structures of the body for improving appearance & confidence of the patient. Appropriate candidates for cosmetic procedures are healthy adult individuals bearing a positive outlook & realistic expectations from plastic surgery procedure. Undergoing plastic surgery is a personal choice & not for meeting someone else’s expectations. Cosmetic surgery is an elective procedure & therefore it is usually not covered by health insurance companies.

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Breast Revision Surgery: What is it all about?

Breast Revision – An Overview

A breast revision surgery, also known as breast implant surgery, is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedures in the world today. This surgery requires the cosmetic surgeon to replace the natural tissue with an artificial breast implant made from a variety of synthetic materials.

Breast Revision Surgery

This surgery is most helpful in altering and improving the shape and size of the breasts with the use of implants as well as to correct any complications that has resulted due to a prior breast augmentation surgery. Continue reading

Avail Best Breast Cancer Treatments in India at Reasonable Costs

Breast cancer basically is a disease which involve abnormal cells within the breast that are growing out of control. There are several types of breast cancers which depend upon the types of cells in breast which are involved. Breast cancer usually begins in different part of the breast including the ducts, lobules & the connective tissue. While ducts are engaged in carrying milk to the nipples, lobules are glands which produce milk. Connective tissue which generally consists of fatty & fibrous tissue surrounds & engulfs the entire breast area. Breast cancers are most often found to begin from ducts or lobules region. Moreover, breast cancers are also found to spread outside breast areas through lymphatic system & blood vessels. Primary breast cancer which spreads to other areas of the body are said to have metastasized.

 Breast Cancer.png

Types of Breast Cancers

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