HIFU Treatment in India for Prostate Cancer

Main objective of screening for prostate cancer is to decrease morbidity and mortality from disease. There is a 50 percent chance that prostate cancer screening can reduce mortality from the disease. Prostate cancer has been found to be a leading cause of cancer related deaths among Nigerian men. Although the extent of prevalence of prostate cancer among Nigerian men is inconclusive, another aspect which is worth mentioning and bears relevance to the disease is that, prostate cancer is well known to be more prevalent among African-Americans that it is among the white population in the United States.

 (HIFU) Treatment in India for Prostate Cancer

Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer

There are several types of treatment options for prostate cancer. Localized treatments which are available for prostate cancer which is restricted to the prostate gland include surgeries like radical open prostatectomy, robotic or laparoscopic prostatectomy. Radiation therapy for localized prostate cancer includes external beam radiation therapy, intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), stereotactic radiosurgery, proton therapy and brachytherapy. Focal treatments which utilize heat, cold and other methods for destroying prostate cancer include High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) and other. Systemic treatments which are available for advanced prostate cancer cases include Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT), chemotherapy and immunotherapy.


What is High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)?

High-intensity focused ultrasound or HIFU is basically a radiation-free treatment for prostate cancer which uses the tissue ablation technique for destroying cancerous cells. This is a relatively new type of prostate cancer treatment which was earlier utilized for managing benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). During the high-intensity focused ultrasound procedure, ultrasound waves are sent through a rectal probe in order to generate sufficient heat for destroying prostate cancer cells. While HIFU is designed to destroy cancer cells, it preserves integrity of the prostate gland alongside minimizing occurrence of side effects.


Good Candidates for HIFU as Prostate Cancer Treatment

Good candidates for HIFU treatment are men having localized prostate cancer. HIFU is also largely indicated for patients who are not good candidates for prostatectomy due to age, issues with health or having a preference so as to not undergo any surgical intervention. Additionally, HIFU is also utilized as treatment for men who are having recurrent prostate cancer and have failed to positively respond to treatments like radical prostatectomy, radiation therapy or hormone ablation. Moreover, HIFU is also an appropriate prostate cancer treatment alternative to radiation or surgery and can also be effectively utilized in surveillance for patients whose disease is progressing.


Undergo Best Prostate Cancer Treatment in India at Reasonable Costs

Prostate cancer treatment in India is a golden opportunity for men from all around the world who are concerned about the rising cost of healthcare within their homeland and are therefore seeking good quality of affordable treatment options in foreign countries. Doctors providing all types of prostate cancer treatments in India are highly trained and experienced professionals capable of performing the most complex operations. While availing top quality of healthcare, overseas patients seeking prostate cancer treatments in India will also be able to save almost 70 percent of their hard earned money as well.


Why Should You Undergo Cervical Cancer Treatment in India?

It has been observed that most Kenyan women would not like to undergo screening for cervical cancer due to the embarrassment of exposing their private parts to the healthcare personnel. Almost 87 percent of the women who were surveyed revealed that they generally would undergo screening for this killer disease if they did not have to expose like it is required to do for traditional screening methods like visual inspection and Pap smear tests. Kenyan women would be more comfortable if they could privately self-collect samples for testing without having to expose themselves to healthcare personnel. As of now, only about 10 percent of Kenyan women are being screened for cervical cancer due to fear, despite being the largest killer disease in this African country.


Treatment Options for Cervical Cancer

While cervical cancer surgery is the primary treatment option in most cases, other treatment options which are nowadays available include chemotherapy, radiation therapy and targeted therapy.

  • Cervical Cancer Surgery Most women with cervical cancer undergo some type of surgery. Several types of cervical cancer surgery options are available, including cryosurgery, laser surgery, conization, simple hysterectomy and radical hysterectomy. Hysterectomy as cervical cancer surgery is nowadays also available through minimally invasive techniques like laparoscopically assisted radical hysterectomy and robot-assisted laparoscopic hysterectomy. Radical trachelectomy is another cervical cancer surgery procedure which allows women to be treated while retaining their ability to have children after the operation.
  • Chemotherapy for Cervical Cancer – Chemotherapy for cervical cancer is most often given in cycles to patients where periods of treatment are generally followed by recovery periods. However, there are only a few situations when chemotherapy is recommended as main treatment for cervical cancer for some stages of the disease. Chemotherapy and concurrent radiation therapy known as chemoratiation is a part of treatment in select cases.
  • Radiation Therapy for Cervical Cancer – Radiation therapy for cervical cancer makes use of radioactive particles or high energy x-rays in order to destroy cancerous cells. Radiation therapy is also used as part of the main treatment in some cases and in combination with radiation therapy sometimes and which is known as chemoradiation. The two methods of delivering radiation therapy are brachytherapy or external beam radiation therapy.
  • Targeted Therapy for Cervical Cancer – Targeted therapy is a newer type of treatment developed for cervical cancer and uses special drugs meant to target changes in cancer cells. Targeted therapy drugs work differently from chemotherapy drugs and also have different set of side effects for patients.


Undergo Best Cervical Cancer Treatments in India at Affordable Costs

Cervical cancer treatment in India is an excellent option for women from all around the world. Not only are all types of procedures available here, the quality of cervical cancer treatments in India are at par with the best that are available in the developed Western countries. Along with this, the low cost of cervical cancer treatments in India is an additional benefit which is drawing a growing number of international patients to the country every year. Women from African countries like Kenya especially can save substantial amounts of their hard earned money by undergoing cervical cancer treatment in India, while availing the best quality of healthcare at the same time.

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Low Cost Lung Cancer Treatments in India

There are almost 10 million Kenyan citizens who are non-smokers but are at high risk of developing lung cancer because of inhaling second-hand smoke. Exposure to secondhand smoke generally occurs in bars and nightclubs and which according to the national global adult tobacco survey affects 3.1 million Kenyans. Additionally, 3 million Kenyan citizens are exposed to secondhand smoke at home and just about another 2.1 million in restaurants. 700,000 other Kenyans are said to be exposed to secondhand smoke at their work places and half a million at universities.


Treatment Options Available to Lung Cancer Patients

While surgery is the primary treatment option for early-stage lung cancer, others include chemotherapy, stereotactic radiosurgery and laser therapy. These are the most common types of lung cancer treatments.

  • Surgery for Lung Cancer Also known as thoracotomy, lung cancer surgery is a procedure where surgeons open up the chest cavity in order to gain access to lungs. For this purpose, an incision is made and the ribs are spread apart for removing the cancerous tumor from lungs. The four most common types of lung cancer surgeries include wedge resection and segmentectomy, lobectomy, pneumonectomy and video assisted thoracic surgery. Also known as thoracoscopy, video assisted thoracic surgery is also used for biopsy of lung tissue and for confirming lung cancer diagnosis.
  • Chemotherapy for Lung Cancer Chemotherapy as treatment of lung cancer is utilized in three primary ways. These are neo-adjuvant or primary systemic lung cancer chemotherapy, adjuvant chemotherapy and systemic chemotherapy. The cancer care team will however continuously monitor impact of chemotherapy on lung cancer throughout the treatment along with chest x-rays, CT scans, blood tests and physical examination.
  • Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Lung Cancer – Stereotactic radiosurgery for lung cancer generally includes CyberKnife robotic radiosurgery system which is a nonsurgical procedure. CyberKnife radiosurgery is highly precise type of radiation therapy which is nowadays used for treating many types of cancers, including brain, prostate and lung cancer.
  • Laser Therapy for Lung Cancer LASER therapy treatments generally stand for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It involves utilizing concentrated laser light as a powerful and precise tool for operation. Lasers can typically be used for removing very small cancers which are less than the width of the finest thread without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue. Laser therapy for lung cancer is one of the newest options available to lung cancer patients.


Best Lung Cancer Treatments in India are Reasonably Priced

Lung cancer treatment in India is at par with the best available in developed Western countries. Oncologists in India are globally renowned doctors and many of them have in fact trained and experienced for decades in countries like UK, Canada and United States before returning to practice in their homeland. They are experts at performing the most complex operations and have successfully delivered positive outcomes in the past. Along with this, lung cancer treatment in India is reasonably priced and is in fact just a fraction of the price you may end up paying in other countries across the world. Overseas lung cancer patients can invariably save substantial amounts of their hard earned money by undergoing lung cancer treatment in India

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Advanced Quality Radiation Therapy as Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer has become one of the leading reasons for occurrence of death among Nigerian patients. Medical experts at World Health Organization (WHO) have stated that nearly 50,000 men die every year due to this dreadful disease. In most cases, patients fail to diagnose the exact underlying condition due to poor medical facilities in Nigeria. To be honest, Nigerian hospitals do not even have basic health care provisions which is clearly evident from such death incidents. Medical tourism from Nigeria to nations like India may help prostate cancer patients to avail best quality treatments at reasonable prices.


Advanced Radiation Therapy Techniques for Treating Prostate Cancer Effectively

Radiation therapy for prostate cancer involves use of high-intensity and powerful radiation to stop the production of cancerous cells and tissues in prostate gland of patients.

  • Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) is a new feather in the cap of radiation therapy treatments. This state-of-art-therapy can efficiently treat cancerous cells in prostate that are difficult to treat by using other treatments or surgeries. IMRT involves use of certain softwares that can help in planning precise dose of radiation according to dimension of cancerous tumor inside patient’s prostate gland in advance. These softwares create three dimensional (3D) images of cancerous tumors and determine its severity. During intensity modulated radiation therapy, respective patients are exposed to high-end device called as ‘linear accelerator’. This medical instrument specifically delivers the exact amount of radiation which is pre-calculated by surgeons. The sharp beam of radiations are focused on cancerous tumor that helps in destroying their production in prostate gland. Patients may need to undergo such sessions multiple times for ensuring best results.
  • Stereotactic Body Radiation TherapyStereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) destroys unwanted prostate cancer tumor with millimeter precision. Stereotactic body radiation therapy uses highly advanced imaging procedures to maintain accuracy throughout the radiation session. Thus, this procedure can significantly reduce the chances of damaging healthy cells nearby the cancerous tumor. Before SBRT, doctors place markers around the cancerous area that needs to be treated. SBRT has a high-end coordinate system that constantly tracks the position of markers. During SBRT, doctors target radiation particularly on customized mapped regions in order to ensure best results. Patients struggling with advanced prostate cancer may require to undergo SBRT for several times.


Best Prostate Cancer Treatment in India at Highly Affordable Costs

Indian country has gained great popularity amongst international patients, especially from Nigeria due to availability of latest healthcare interventions, state-of-the-art technology, and advanced treatments for prostate cancer. This country has a vast pool of multispecialty healthcare centers that offer best prostate cancer treatments and surgeries for at economical prices. Cancer specialists in India are immensely skilled and talented. Their dedication towards cancer patients is reflected in their success records. In addition to this, cost of prostate cancer treatment in India is half of the total money which super-speciality hospitals in Nigeria may charge. Therefore, Nigerian patients can completely count on prostate cancer treatment in India and ensure positive outcomes.

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Adjuvant Radiation Therapy after Lumpectomy is Very Important for Breast Cancer Patients

Breast cancer in Nigeria is the number one cause of death among women due to cancer. Presently, there are many who are battling with this dreadful disease. Absence of women undergoing life-saving mammograms and conducting routine self-breast examination is the primary cause of breast cancer in Nigeria not being detected in early stages. The need of the hour for combating breast cancer in Nigeria is raising awareness about the disease and encouraging women above 20 years of age to necessarily undergo comprehensive screening programs.


What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer basically is a cancerous growth which primarily starts within the tissues of the breast. Subsequently, these abnormal cells are found to grow uncontrollably. Although breast cancer can also occur in men, it is most common type of cancer in Nigerian women.


Breast Cancer in Nigeria is a Major Public Health Issue

Awareness of breast cancer among women at risk and even doctors in Nigeria needs an enormous boost in order to curb and detect cancer in early stages. Breast cancer which globally affects one in every eight women is responsible for almost 16 percent of cancer related deaths in Nigeria. Breast cancer in Nigeria is largely detected in advanced late stages where little or no benefit can be derived from treatments. This is the reason as to why five-year survival rates of patients undergoing breast cancer treatments in Nigeria is merely 10 percent in comparison with breast cancer patients in the United States. This is the norm in Nigeria and is quite a worrisome trend the country has to deal with.

 Adjuvant Radiation Therapy after Lumpectomy is Very Important for Breast Cancer Patients

Lumpectomy Surgery for Breast Cancer

Lumpectomy surgery for breast cancer is also known as breast-conserving therapy. Most often radiation therapy for breast cancer is recommended for patients following lumpectomy surgery. While lumpectomy surgery for breast cancer is standard treatment for women with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) or early-stage invasive breast cancer, radiation therapy for breast cancer is typically recommended after breast-conserving therapy so as to destroy any remaining cancerous cells which may have been left behind. However, radiation therapy for breast cancer following lumpectomy is avoided due to the additional costs involved, inconvenience and potential toxicity which can be generated from breast irradiation.


Undergo Affordable Lumpectomy Surgery for Breast Cancer

Lumpectomy surgery for breast cancer in India is highly affordable and performed by highly qualified cancer specialists. Along with this radiation therapy for breast cancer is also commonly available and is reasonably priced. Overseas patients who are willing to travel to other countries for good quality of affordable treatments can therefore benefit from this and save substantial amounts of their hard earned money by undergoing lumpectomy and .

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Peer Support is Important for Cancer Patients

Cancer is touted as the most life-threatening disease as mortality rate of patients dying from cancer has increased steadily over past few years. It is not easy for a patient to deal with cancer because this disease weakens entire body and may cause unbearable pain. This indicates that cancer not only affects physical status of patients but also affects their mental condition. Medical experts state that peer support can deliberately help patients to cope with the mental depression and physical pain.

Importance of Peer Support for Cancer Patients

Peer support basically refers to an overall care which a patient needs during their journey including emotional and physical aspect. It can strengthen their mind and help them stay positive. To be precise, peer support includes the following factors.

  • Guidance from Cancer Survivors – A patient struggling with cancer can learn a lot from experiences of cancer survivors. They can ask their concerns to them in terms of managing daily life and emotions during cancer treatment. Patients who have defeated cancer can guide them thoroughly on the basis of their journey. It can give a ray of hope to patients who have reached an advanced stage of cancer.
  • Sharing Emotional Experiences – Peer support program gives a chance to patients to express themselves. They may be feeling burdened due to occurrence of cancer. Talking to fellow cancer patients as well as cancer survivors can boost their self-esteem and bring a positive change in their attitude towards life.
  • Overcoming Anxiety and Depression – It is a proven fact that mind power works effectively as medicines in treating ailments. Patients are likely to experience issues like anxiety and depression due to a major change in life. Peer support can help them provide a mental peace which eventually can lead to improvement in current health status.

Cancer Treatment in India

Merits of Availing Cancer Treatment in India

India has emerged as one of the best healthcare destinations across the world. This country has a large network of super specialty hospitals which offer finest cancer treatments. All prime hospitals are well-equipped with latest provisions such as state-of-the-art technology and high-end diagnostic instruments. Indian oncologists and medical staff are renowned for providing a compassionate care to international patients who travel to India for affordable and high-quality medical solutions for cancer. As a matter of fact, cancer treatment cost in Indiais highly economical which anyone can afford easily. Therefore, overseas patients can count on such staunch services and avail cancer treatment in India.

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Avail Best Breast Cancer Treatments in India at Reasonable Costs

Breast cancer basically is a disease which involve abnormal cells within the breast that are growing out of control. There are several types of breast cancers which depend upon the types of cells in breast which are involved. Breast cancer usually begins in different part of the breast including the ducts, lobules & the connective tissue. While ducts are engaged in carrying milk to the nipples, lobules are glands which produce milk. Connective tissue which generally consists of fatty & fibrous tissue surrounds & engulfs the entire breast area. Breast cancers are most often found to begin from ducts or lobules region. Moreover, breast cancers are also found to spread outside breast areas through lymphatic system & blood vessels. Primary breast cancer which spreads to other areas of the body are said to have metastasized.

 Breast Cancer.png

Types of Breast Cancers

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