Everything You Need To Known About Bilateral Thigh Lift Surgery

What is Bilateral Thigh Lift Surgery?

A bilateral thigh lift surgery is a form of popular cosmetic procedure that aims to improve the contours of the front and outer portion of your thighs by tightening the skin around it as well as to restore your natural thigh shape after a drastic weight-loss procedure or post-pregnancy.

  Bilateral Thigh Lift Surgery

Who is an ideal candidate for Bilateral Thigh Lift Surgery?

A bilateral thigh lift surgery works by reshaping the thighs  through the removal of excess skin and small amounts of fat, that results in smoother and more attractively-contoured and well-proportioned thighs and the lower body.

This procedure may require removal of the inner thigh (medial) skin or the outer thigh (lateral) thigh skin. A bilateral thigh lift surgery mostly requires the removal of excessive skin and small stubborn fat deposits from the outer (lateral) portion of the thighs.

The doctor/cosmetic surgeon will consider certain factors before determining whether you are an ideal candidate for a bilateral thigh lift surgery. These are several of the factors that will be considered:

  • If you have a stable weight-range
  • If you have unwanted soft tissue especially in the outer portion of the thighs
  • If you are healthy enough with no other underlying medical condition that may cause complications after a bilateral thigh lift surgery
  • If you are prepared to lead your life post-surgery following the instructions of the doctor regarding lifestyle changes and dietary modifications

How is a Bilateral Thigh Lift Surgery performed?

The bilateral thigh lift procedure is also known as an ‘outer thigh lift’ due to the need for tightening the skin around the outer (lateral) portion of the thighs.

This procedure requires administering general anesthesia to the patient in order to avoid pain and discomfort during the surgical procedure. The cosmetic surgeon will need to make an incision at the top of the thigh along the edge of the groin (bikini line). This incision will be done exactly on both the thighs and may also extend to include the buttock area or the hips as well, depending on the extent of skin required to be tightened.

The surgeon will use these incisions to remove any excess amount of skin as well as small but stubborn fat deposits. This incision is used to insert a cannula (suction tube device) into the incision and under the skin to dissolve the small fat deposits as well as the soft tissue. This liposuction technique will use either, laser or air, vibration or sound waves to dissolve the underlying skin fat. The underlying muscles may also be surgically tightened to give a more firm and fit look to the thighs.

Then the remaining skin is stretched over the thighs from the top and the sides (laterally). This procedure has an additional advantage of involving a collateral buttock lift in the process.

The surgeon will use very fine sutures or staples to close the incisions and place a draining tube to drain any excess fluid from the operation site after surgery. This helps to avoid infection as well as to remove any excess fluid that might get accumulated there.

What is recovery like after a Bilateral Thigh Lift Surgery?

The recovery after a bilateral thigh lift surgery goes well if all the cosmetic surgeon’s/doctor’s instructions are followed diligently. Recovery is improved and made faster if proper post-operative care is taken, which includes follow-up appointments for regular check-ups to determine the rate of recovery and improvement in condition, plenty of rest as well as maintaining proper hygiene and avoiding infections, etc.

How successful is a Bilateral Thigh Lift Surgery?

Although you may not notice the results of a bilateral thigh lift surgery immediately, as the legs might be swollen or bruised-seeming after the surgery. As the scars and swelling dissipate you will start to notice the comparatively slimmer and shapely thighs. It may require around a few months to a year to see the complete result of a bilateral thigh lift surgery.

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