Cancer Treatment Statistics involving Chemotherapy

Cancer is a deadly disease which requires an early diagnosis and treatment for best outcomes. However, it is quite difficult to identify the development of cancer in body as it does not show any significant symptoms in the beginning. Medical practitioners state that cancer occurs due to uncontrolled formation and accumulation of harmful cells in any part of our body. According to recent health reports of American Cancer Society – breast cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, bladder cancer, colorectal cancer, leukemia and prostate cancer are some of the leading categories of cancers across the world.


What is Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is a widely used medical treatment for cancer. It involves the use of several powerful drugs or medicines that are capable of destroying cancer-causing tissues and cells in patient’s body. Doctors may either inject these drugs in cancer patient’s body through their veins or order them to take the drugs orally. Although these drugs can effectively kill abnormal cells, they may affect healthy cells surrounding cancerous tumor as well. They may also result in complications like nausea, diarrhea, hair loss, blood disorders and extreme weakness.


Five Year Survival Rates of Cancer Patients Following Chemotherapy

A clinical study for determining the five year survival rates of cancer patients following chemotherapy was conducted by Department of Radiation Oncology at Northern Sydney Cancer Center. They had tested the effects of chemotherapy on various patients suffering from nearly 22 different types of cancers. Unfortunately, the results of this research were highly disappointing. The following points describe the main conclusions made via this research.

  • Five Year Survival Rate – On an average, only 2 % cancer patients were able to survive for 5 years.
  • Average Survival Time – In majority of cases, survival time of patients following chemotherapy was less than 12 months. However, five year survival rate of patients suffering from testicular cancer was 41.8% and that of Hodgkin’s disease it was 35.8%.

This clearly indicates that chemotherapy cannot always be used as a mainstream treatment for cancer. Better results may be obtained by combining it with other cancer treatments like radiation therapy and cancer surgery.


High-Quality Cancer Treatments in India at Affordable Rates

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