How To Get Medical Treatment In India With Travcure?

Travcure Medical Tourism

You can connect with Travcure in 4 simple steps:

Travcure Steps

1. First you need to visit our site

2. We have provided detail information about every treatment on our website, you should check information about the treatment you need. We have also provided list of hospitals and doctors, if you have any personal preferences you can check their details and enquire us.

3 The primary concern of every patient from abroad is cost. So let me tell you cost is upto 60-80% less compared to your own country. So if you sum up cost of traveling, accommodation and treatment, you can still save your valuable money.

4 We have also provided some treatment packages to give you a brief idea of costings. You can check them here. If any treatment package is not covered here, you can enquire us directly at

Not only these, Travcure also offer essential services and details of:

1 Indian Embassy Details – check here

2. Medical Visa Assistance – check here

3. Tourism Places in India – check here

4. Traveling Guidelines to India – check here


Travcure Medical Tourism – One Stop Destination for All Treatments

India now is a major & affordable hub for various surgeries and enormous medical treatments. The cost of medical treatment plus the care is too high in western countries, but in India it costs just a fraction. In Europe or western countries, patient has to wait for months which ultimately lengthen the medical process in terms of time. Then we have to think again if patient has any critical health condition.

But now you don’t have to wait so long or pay out of your pockets because Travcure is the one stop destination for all your treatment needs. Travcure, medical tourism company in India offers cost effective packages which are specially designed to cater to all your medical requirements. ‘Rediscover yourself’ by experiencing the best medical services from top world-class healthcare facilities. It acts as a pivotal bridge that connects worldwide medical travellers to the best medical services in India. With an elaborated network of logistics managed by dedicated professionals, they help you to negotiate & overcome a variety of challenges at every step. We are associated with many internationally accredited hospitals and top doctors of India. The hospitals have state of the art infrastructure and modern technology to give patients adequate medical facilities. We are associated with the best ISO certified hospitals which are also with all JCI & NABH Certified. The specialized hospitals provide quality medical treatment in the areas of cosmetic surgery, dental care, heart surgeries, cardiac care, knee replacements, eye surgeries and much more. Surgeons are specialized and known for performing finest surgeries like heart surgery, bariatric surgery, dental implants, ENT surgery, cosmetic surgery, Lasik surgery, orthopaedic surgery, spine surgery and more. Any top metropolis in India such as New Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore or Chennai can be chosen for your medical treatment.

Our strength lies in providing quality services. We:

  • Provide top grade medical services from world-class healthcare facilities & top grade medical professionals.
  • Assist our patients in finding the right professional to deal with the illness.
  • Schedule prior appointments to avoid any elongated waiting
  • Offer assistance on medical visa
  • Cater tailor made and affordable medical packages
  • Arrange transportation i.e. Pick-Up & Drop services at airports
  • Arrange logistics for medical travel within city or that area
  • Arrange Boarding & Lodging facilities
  • Render personalized patient care, customized food, language support and also facilitate travel to preferred destinations within India.


Our commitment lies in offering healthcare services with best possible personal care & attention through our customized medical packages. The website helps a patient to narrow down the search in regards to treatment details and the healthcare location. Once finalized, talk to us, we will connect you to the selected one! Adhering to the International quality metrics we ensure that the medical globetrotter gets high quality and cost-effective medical care in India. We also plan and workout best recuperation trips to the peaceful exotic destinations within the country upon your request. These holistic programs refurbish your health and purify total body, mind & soul after exhaustive illness. Post-surgery we take care of your periodic health check-ups, after-treatment care, transportation and other medical needs. The whole medical package from Travcure will save you 20% or more on medical treatment. Isn’t it cool? We just want to transform your healthcare journey into a cherished one.

Summary: Travcure, a medical tourism company provides an affordable medical treatment packages in India. Patient can visit to find out more details on the finest surgeries like heart surgery, bariatric surgery, dental implants, ENT surgery, cosmetic surgery, Lasik surgery, orthopaedic surgery, spine surgery and more. Get both medical and tourism packages for reasonable prices only with Travcure.


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