Understanding about Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Breast cancer occurs because of uncontrolled production of malignant cells in breasts and surrounding region. Triple-negative breast cancer is a sub-category of breast cancer which develops due to abnormal formation of human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 negative (HER2-negative), estrogen negative (ER-negative) and progesterone negative (PR-negative) receptors in female. This type of breast cancer is very rare and all three negative elements which lead to growth of cancerous cells and tissues does not show any improvement with hormonal therapies such as tamoxifen. Women of the age group between 40 to 50 years are more prone to this fatal disease.

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Important Things about Triple-Negative Breast Cancer That Women Must Know

The following list elaborates some of the important things about triple-negative breast cancer which every woman must understand.

  • Root Cause – Precise reason behind occurrence of this life-threatening disease is unknown. However, a family history of this disease and gene mutation are the prime factors that accelerate the possibility of triple-negative breast cancer.
  • Major Warning Signs – Abnormal lump in breast, redness, abnormal discharge from nipples, and intense breast pain are the major signs and symptoms of triple-negative breast cancer. Patients must visit an experienced oncologist for precise diagnosis.
  • Diagnosis Tests – Doctors or oncologists may suggest a magnetic resonance imaging test or an ultrasound scan for identifying the presence of triple-negative breast cancer. In addition to this, a biopsy and mammogram are also used for getting accurate results.
  • Curative Treatments – Triple-negative breast cancer usually does not respond to hormone therapy. Various types of research are being carried out by medical experts to find out a solution. However, chemotherapy drugs in combination with radiation therapy or surgery are mostly used for treating this type of breast cancer.
  • Preventive Measures – Women must follow an active lifestyle and eat a proper diet. In addition to this, women who are at a greater risk of developing this disease must go to doctor’s clinic for regular health care check-ups.
  • Prognosis – Prognosis of this breast cancer is extremely poor. Triple-negative breast cancer may recur and spread in patient’s body after few years of treatment. Therefore, it is necessary for a patient to follow all the instructions given by doctor even after recovery.

Why Opt for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Treatment in India?

India has emerged as one of the excellent medical care destinations across the world due to its reliable healthcare services. Indian country has a large number of multispecialty hospitals and healthcare institutes which provide a quality treatment for triple-negative breast cancer. Majority of these hospitals are well-equipped with latest state-of-the-art technology, various high-end instruments, and medical provisions which are helpful in providing accurate diagnosis report. In addition to this, triple-negative breast cancer treatment cost in India is extremely affordable as compared to other western countries like Canada or Norway. Therefore, international patients can easily acquire high-quality medical care and save up to 70 % of their capital by opting for triple-negative breast cancer treatment in India.

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