Scar Options for Breast Lift Surgery

So you’ve read somewhere about breast lift surgery or may be heard about it from a colleague who has undergone this procedure, and now you are also tempted to try out this procedure by looking at the results. Well, if this is the case, then wait a moment before you jump to any conclusion. To be honest, breast lift surgery is really an excellent cosmetic intervention which can enhance your breast profile by giving it a perkier look. But you should only opt for breast lift surgery when you feel confident that this procedure can prove beneficial for you and not merely because someone else has advised you. Generally, women who have sagging breasts, disproportionate or asymmetrical breasts, stretched skin around nipples are considered to be good candidates for a breast lift surgery.

What Type of Scar Will You Get Following a Breast Lift Surgery?

It is obvious that cosmetic surgeons will make incisions around breast area while performing breast lift surgery. You should understand that these incisions are going to leave a scar on your breasts. However, size and location of scar may vary according to the approach which is used to perform the operation. You should not worry because these scars can be dissolved easily by using ointments and creams. Mostly, there are three types of scars which remain after the completion of procedure. They can be explained as follows.

  • Benelli Scar – This type of scar is often referred to as a ‘hidden scar’ because it involves removing a small area of skin around the nipples. In most instances, patients opt for Benelli scar as it does not make much difference in their breast profile and it goes away within a short span of time.
  • Vertical Scar – Vertical scar is easily visible around central area of patient’s breasts. It is somewhat larger than the Benelli scar and takes more time to fade away.
  • Inverted T Scar – It includes two scars on breasts. One of them is located at horizontally and the other is located at a vertical position. These scars take relatively much time to fade away and therefore, generally not preferred by patients as well as doctors.

Merits of Availing Cosmetic Surgery in India

India is one of the most popular cosmetic care destinations across the world. This country has a wide range of medical institutions and hospitals that provide high-quality as well as cost-effective cosmetic treatments such as a breast lift surgery. As a matter of fact, cosmetic surgery cost in India is nearly one-third of the prices which other developed nations like Australia and Canada normally demand. In addition to this, success record of cosmetic surgery in India is also very high. Therefore, you can rely on such steadfast medical services and opt for cosmetic surgery in India.

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Breast Augmentation Surgery in India: Risks and Benefits of Implants

What is Breast Augmentation through Implants all about?

A breast augmentation procedure using implants helps in reconstructing the breasts to normalcy after a mastectomy for breast cancer, to reconstruct the breasts to correct a birth defect that affects the breast shape and size as well as a completely cosmetic procedure that is done to improve the breasts’ appearance with respect to size, shape and firmness of the breast.
Breast Augmentation

The implant used for breast augmentation is classified into three different categories depending on the filler material used in it. These are:

  • Saline solution – This is constructed of a shell of an elastomer silicone that is filled inside with a sterile saline solution.
  • Silicone implant – This is also made of an elastomer silicone outer covering but contains a thick silicone gel inside.
  • Composite filler – This implant also consists of an outer silicone elastomer shell filled with polypropylene string, soy oil or any similar substance.

What happens in a Breast Augmentation Implant procedure?

The doctor will first discuss the extent of enlargement and shape that can be given to your breasts. After the shape and size of the implant is finalized you will be given a general anesthesia so the doctor can perform the surgical procedure.

The doctor will make incisions in the lower part of your breasts or along the underarm that gives the doctor better access to place the implant. The doctor will first insert a tissue expander to make adequate space for holding the breast implant in place. This tissue expander is then removed and the implant is placed and fixed to the proper place.

The doctor will then stitch the incision close. The doctor might attach drainage tubes to your operated breasts for draining any excess fluid which might get collected.

What are the pros and cons of a Breast Augmentation surgery using Implants?

The benefits of a breast augmentation surgery using implants are:

  • Smaller incisions required than in non-implant breast reconstructive surgery.
  • The implant is mostly better suited as the shape and size can be chosen even before the operation.
  • There a variety of breast implant types depending on the material used as filler inside the elastomer silicone shell.
  • The procedure helps improve the aesthetic and form of your breasts.

There are certain risks and complications that you might face after undergoing a breast augmentation implant surgery, such as:

  • Implant rupture can occur after a long period of time which will require a re-surgery for placing another implant to replace it.
  • Capsular contracture can occur around the implant in certain, cases which causes the immune system of the body to weave a covering of thick collagen fibers around the implant and put undue pressure on it. This results in pain in the breast.
  • Hematoma (bleeding after surgery) is also seen in some cases.
  • Seroma is caused when excess fluid gets collected in the operated region.
  • Infection may occur at the incision site.
  • Scarring might be seen for a longer time in some patients.

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Why choose to get Breast Augmentation surgery with Implant in India?

The cosmetic clinics and hospitals in India are acclaimed for maintain a world-class standard in treatment and post-operative care of the patients. These hospitals are spread over a large number of major Indian cities and have the most modern medical and surgical tools and technology at their disposal. Along with latest technology these hospitals and cosmetic clinics are well known for the teams of well-experienced doctors and surgeons who undergo extensive training in managing breast augmentation implant surgery. All this is available to the patient at a very low cost as compared any other country in the world.

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The team of experts at Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants has a vast experience in managing complete patient itinerary in the most efficient manner. They are well-known for their expertise in sensing and planning availability of facilities and amenities for the patient and their family as a result of the vast experience. Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants are widely acclaimed to be one of the best medical tourism experts with a long list of successful breast augmentation implant surgeries and other cosmetic procedures to their credit.