Affordable Liver Cancer Treatments in India

Signs & symptoms of liver cancer in most patients however do not show up until late stages of the disease. However, it may show up sooner in some cases when treatment is most likely to be very helpful. Some of the most common early signs & symptoms of liver cancer in people include the following.

  • Unexplained Weight Loss
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Feeling Full with Small meals
  • Nausea or Vomiting
  • Enlarged Liver (feels like mass under ribs on right side)
  • Enlarged Spleen (feels like mass under ribs on left side)
  • Pain in Abdomen
  • Pain Near Right Shoulder Blade
  • Fluid Build-Up or Swelling in Abdomen
  • Jaundice (yellowing of skin & eyes

Other signs & symptoms of liver cancer include fever, enlarged veins on belly & abnormal bruising or bleeding. Moreover, liver cancer patients having chronic hepatitis or cirrhosis often feel worse than usual. Following diagnosis & staging of liver cancer, the cancer care team will most often discuss treatment options with the patient. a-new-way-to-treat-liver-cancer-0df6179a

Liver Cancer Treatment Options

All important factors are considered including the extent of cancer & the health of the remaining part of liver while creating a treatment plan. Moreover, possible side effects of liver cancer treatment are also taken into account along with overall health of the patient & chances of curing the disease, reliving symptoms or extending lifespan. Common treatment options which are invariably based upon these factors include the following.

  • Partial Hepatectomy Surgery
  • Liver Transplantation Surgery
  • Tumor Embolization
  • Tumor Ablation
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Targeted Therapy

Doctors Involved in Liver Cancer Treatments

There may be different types of doctors which are involved in liver cancer treatment plan depending upon individual requirements of patients. Types of doctors for liver cancer treatment may include the following.

  • Oncology surgeons who can surgically intervene in order to treat the disease.
  • Medical oncologists who can treat cancer with medications like as chemotherapy drugs.
  • Radiation oncologists in order to treat liver cancer with radiation therapy.
  • Gastroenterologists who are doctors specializing in treatment of diseases of the digestive system including that of the liver.

Apart from these other specialists who may be involved in liver cancer treatments include nurses, nutrition specialists, health professionals & social workers.

Developing Liver Cancer Treatment Plan

It is very important to discuss liver cancer treatment options including goals & possible side effects with doctors in order to arrive at a decision which best fit the requirements of the patient. Some important aspects which are considered during this discussion include age & expected lifespan of the patient, other serious health conditions, stage & extent of liver cancer, whether surgery can successfully remove cancer, possible side effects of liver cancer treatment & likelihood of treatment completely curing cancer. It is also very important that liver cancer patients take time to absorb information & take time to make decisions. They should also feel free to ask questions if there is anything they like to know about liver cancer treatment before arriving at a conclusion. Moreover, getting a second opinion from another doctor can be beneficial when patients still have doubts about the disease & the suggested liver cancer treatment plan.

Avail Affordable Liver Cancer Treatment in India

India is one of the most favorite medical tourism destinations for international patients seeking world class liver cancer treatments including liver transplantation. While liver cancer treatment in India is at par with the best in the world, it is also highly affordable for overseas patients who are concerned about the cost of similar treatment procedures in their homeland. Liver cancer treatment cost in India is in fact just a fraction of what patients may have to pay for in developed Western countries like United Kingdom, Canada or the United States.

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