How To Get Medical Treatment In India With Travcure?

Travcure Medical Tourism

You can connect with Travcure in 4 simple steps:

Travcure Steps

1. First you need to visit our site

2. We have provided detail information about every treatment on our website, you should check information about the treatment you need. We have also provided list of hospitals and doctors, if you have any personal preferences you can check their details and enquire us.

3 The primary concern of every patient from abroad is cost. So let me tell you cost is upto 60-80% less compared to your own country. So if you sum up cost of traveling, accommodation and treatment, you can still save your valuable money.

4 We have also provided some treatment packages to give you a brief idea of costings. You can check them here. If any treatment package is not covered here, you can enquire us directly at

Not only these, Travcure also offer essential services and details of:

1 Indian Embassy Details – check here

2. Medical Visa Assistance – check here

3. Tourism Places in India – check here

4. Traveling Guidelines to India – check here