Aortic Stenosis Surgery Success Rates in India are at Par with the Best in World

Heart plays a major role in regulating our lives. It supplies fresh blood to entire body with the help of a blood vessel known as ‘aorta’. There is a valve present between aorta and heart which is called as ‘aortic valve’. You can consider this valve as a door. This door keeps on opening and closing constantly. Fresh blood is given out to our body every time it opens. Any type of problem in aortic valve can restrict our heart to function normally. In such cases, a prompt medical assistance is necessary. Otherwise, it may result in severe health risks.

When is it recommended?

Aortic valve replacement is a medical procedure that involves removing a damaged aortic valve and implanting a new artificial valve in its place. You may need to undergo this surgery if you are struggling with the following complications.

  • Narrowing of Valve – Aortic valve may become narrowed and decrease the normal flow of blood through it. This condition is clinically called as ‘aortic stenosis’. In such cases, aortic valve replacement surgery can prove highly beneficial.
  • Leaking of Valve – Aortic valve may fail to close properly and lead to leakage of blood back towards the heart. This condition is called as ‘aortic regurgitation’. This life-threatening condition may lead to heart failure if not treated properly.

You should search experienced and highly qualified doctors in order to get desired outcomes following your aortic valve replacement surgery.

Aortic Stenosis Surgery Success Rates in India are at Par with the Best in World

Best Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery in India at Affordable Costs

India is a highly reputed cardiac care destination across the world. The following points explain main reasons why you should opt for aortic valve replacement surgery in India.

  • Affordable Treatments – You can avail low cost treatments for aortic stenosis in India without compromising its quality. To be honest, cost of aortic stenosis surgery in Western countries like Canada and Norway is very high and beyond reach of common people. Whereas, you can save up to 75 % of your money by opting for India.
  • Best Medical Facilities – Majority of hospitals in India are well-equipped with latest machines and advanced diagnostic tools.
  • Smooth Recovery – Indian cardiac surgeons are extremely talented and experienced. They make sure international patients get positive long-term outcomes as well as smooth and faster recovery.
  • High Success Rate – Aortic stenosis surgery success rate in this country is very high. Therefore, you can count on such medical services and avail aortic valve replacement surgery in India.