What is an Inoperable Brain Tumor?


Brain tumor can be explained as an abnormal lump of tissues or cells within the brain of a patient. These tumors can lead to death of patient & therefore it is necessary to remove them as early as possible. However, not every brain tumor is operable. Oncologists consider several factors like the size, location & nature of brain tumor during assessment for deciding whether it is operable or not.

Operable & Inoperable Brain Tumors

Depending on its location, brain tumors can be classified into two categories – operable & inoperable brain tumors.

  • Operable Brain Tumors – Brain tumors which are easily accessible & can be efficiently removed without damaging the other sensitive regions of brain by various surgical techniques are known as operable brain tumors.
  • Inoperable Brain Tumors – Inoperable brain tumors are those which are located in remote areas of the brain. There may arise a risk of damaging nearby healthy brain tissues while operating such tumors. Treatment of such brain tumors mainly relies on the overall health condition of patients.

Surgeons will decide an appropriate treatment plan based on the extent of growth, type of tumor & current medical status of patients.

Treatment Options for Brain Tumor

Brain tumors may recur again after treatment. It is extremely important for the surgeons to identify the type of tumor precisely to avoid future complications. Surgeons may choose a suitable procedure from the following brain tumor treatment options.

  • Brain Tumor Surgery – Surgery can be performed for removing the abnormal brain tumor as much as possible without damaging the healthy tissues of patient’s brain. Due to the chances of complications, surgeons may suggest other treatment alternatives.
  • Radiotherapy – Radiotherapy is considered as the best alternative for treating inoperable brain tumors. It involves targeting high beam radiation on the tumor for destroying the undesired cells multiplication. It is usually preferred when surgery is not suitable.
  • Chemotherapy – It involves administration of powerful drugs for destroying the unusual & harmful cells. Chemotherapy has proven to be a productive method for stopping the abnormal cells multiplication.

It is essential for the patients to consult a well-experienced surgeon for ensuring significant outcomes. Strong will-power & positive attitude will aid the patients in a faster recovery following the treatment of brain tumor.