What Do You Need To Know Regarding Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

Many women consider breasts as a hallmark of womanhood. Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be a life-changing moment for them. It may become difficult for them to stay stress-free if surgeons recommend a mastectomy or partial mastectomy procedure for curing cancer. Breast reconstruction is a surgical intervention which is performed to re-create breasts of patients who have undergone a breast-removal surgery to treat breast cancer. It is a ray of hope for many women who wish to have breasts following their treatment.

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Who Is A Good Candidate For Breast Reconstruction?

The given category of patients is considered to be good candidates for breast reconstruction surgery.

  • Good Health Condition – Patients should be in an overall good health condition. Breast cancer patients must not have any additional chronic illness such as cardiovascular diseases and lung problems. Such medical issues can considerably increase the possibility of getting infection or blot clot problem following surgery.
  • No Smoking – Smokers are ideally not considered as good candidates for breast reconstruction. Women who have a habit of smoking must quit it at the earliest. Otherwise, they may have to face problems after completion of breast reconstruction surgery.
  • No Obesity – Obese women are not allowed to undergo a breast reconstruction surgery as it increases the risk of surgical failure.

Main Types of Breast Reconstruction

The following two are the main types of breast reconstruction procedures.

  • Implant Reconstruction – An implant reconstruction procedure involves placing an artificial implant made up of either salt water or silicone gel to recreate a normal-appearing breast.
  • Autologous or “Flap” Reconstruction – This type of breast reconstruction involves utilizing a tissue taken from patient’s body itself to reconstruct a breast. In most instances, tissues are taken from thigh area, belly, or back.

What Will The End Result Look Like?

Women must understand that they cannot get back their natural breasts. There will be a noticeable difference in the appearance of breasts. Patients must ask respective doctors to explain them everything in detail before commencing the surgery. They may also ask the doctors for photographs of their previous patients to clearly understand the differences between original and reconstructed breasts.

Key Advantages of Breast Reconstruction Surgery in India

Indian country offers top-class medical provisions and best breast cancer treatments and surgeries such as breast reconstruction surgery. Breast reconstruction surgery cost in India is extremely affordable as compared to other western nations like Australia and United Kingdom. International patients seeking hi-quality and cost-effective breast reconstruction surgery in India may consult health care centers for consultation and confirm their eligibility.

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Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breasts are one of the hallmarks of becoming a woman, an essential part of sexuality that makes a woman look beautiful in clothes & important for feeding little babies. Whatever is a woman’s age, orientation, sexual activity, or relationship status, losing a breast is a very mournful feeling for any woman. When a woman gets her breast removed due to dreadful medical procedures like mastectomy or lumpectomy, it may cause immense psychological & emotional harm to her. Such women can opt for breast reconstruction surgery. This is surgery which reconstructs the breast mound to meet the shape & size of another breast. ead9591d8d05b69217dfeb273a7178af

What is a Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

Breast reconstruction surgery is performed to restore one or both breasts to near natural appearance, natural shape, size and symmetry following lumpectomy, mastectomy, or any other trauma. This surgical intervention often comprises several surgical procedures executed in stages & can be performed either from start at the time of mastectomy or be deferred until a later date.

Breast reconstruction surgery usually falls into following two categories.

  1. Flap Reconstruction: Flap reconstruction involves patient’s own tissue from another portion of body utilized to build a new breast.
  2. Implant Reconstruction: Implant reconstruction uses breast implants to help build a breast mound.

The following factors should be taken into consideration while choosing an appropriate option.

  • Patient’s body type
  • Type of mastectomy
  • Cancer treatments

If only one breast of the patient is affected, it alone can be reconstructed by surgery. In addition to this, a breast reduction, breast augmentation or breast lift surgery may also be recommended by surgeons for the opposite breast to enhance position & symmetry of both the breasts.

Good Candidates for Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast reconstruction surgery is an extremely individualized procedure. One should undergo breast reconstruction if they personally feel & should never be done under the influence of anyone. Good candidates for breast reconstruction should fulfill the following terms.

  • High Endurance – When a patient is able to cope well with their diagnosis & treatment.
  • No Medical Conditions – When the patient does not have any medical condition or another type of illnesses which may impair recovery.
  • Avoid Smoking – Smoking can highly affect speedy recovery. One should completely avoid smoking to get good results.
  • Comfortable with Surgery – Surgical techniques may leave incision marks at the donor site, usually situated in less exposed portions of body such as the abdomen, back or buttocks.
  • Realistic Goals – When a patient is mentally strong, has faith & realistic goals for restoring their breasts & body image. Breast reconstruction surgery can repair a breast but the results are highly variable in nature. New reconstructed breasts may not have a similar sensation like the breast it replaces.

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