Common Types of Artificial Spinal Discs

A healthy spine comprises of a number of spinal discs piled one above the other. These discs protect spinal cord by absorbing shock and helps in maintaining its flexibility. Weakening or degeneration of spinal discs may lead to debilitating back pain. According to reports of Global Burden of Disease, back pain has become the prime cause of disability across the world. Medical professionals state that sedentary way of living is one of the dominant factors accountable for it. Untreated back problem can negatively impact a person’s overall quality of life. Therefore, people struggling with back pain from a prolonged period must seek a spine treatment at the earliest possible moment to minimize complications.   

Types of Artificial Spinal Discs

What is Artificial Spinal Disc?

A real spinal disc-like structure that can be implemented in place of impaired spinal disc to help relieve back pain is called as an artificial spinal disc. Such discs significantly help in restoring functions of spine and enhance its range of movement. They are designed using specialized materials and in such a way that they serve the purpose of natural discs for a long time span.

Most Common Types of Artificial Spinal Discs

The following list exhibits the most common types of artificial spinal discs used for back pain surgery. Orthopedic surgeons may recommend any of them, depending on patient’s requirement and health status.

  • Composite Discs – Composite discs falls under the category of most popular artificial discs. They are normally prepared from a polyethylene material. These discs last longer and are renowned for improving spinal strength. They come in different sizes which enables a surgeon to choose the most befitting disc for patients.
  • Hydraulic Artificial Discs – These discs are made up of gel-like material known as ‘hydrogel’ that significantly helps in improving spinal stability. These discs are extremely durable as compared to other types of artificial discs. This is why surgeons recommend hydraulic artificial discs in most instances.
  • Elastic Discs – Elastic discs are mainly composed of rubber material. They bear titanium endplates which support the spine during any type of vigorous physical activity. However, these discs may degenerate within a short time interval.
  • Mechanical Discs – These discs are made up of metal plates which have a metal spring to accelerate a wide range of spinal motion. Success record of these artificial discs is fairly high as compared to others. 

Best Perks of Availing Spine Surgery in India

Indian country is a highly acknowledged and one of the best spinal care destination across the world. Majority of healthcare centers in India are fully-furnished with state-of-the-art provision, modern infrastructure, and latest diagnostic equipment. Spine surgeons in India are well-versed in handling complicated cases and providing beneficial outcomes following any type of spine surgery. In addition to this, a high-quality spine surgery cost in India is nearly one-third of the amount which all leading developed nations normally charge. Therefore, international patients can easily rely on Indian surgeons to avail a successful spine surgery in India.


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